XTRATM CAPSULE ((All in One Sexual Problems Solution)

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Xtratm capsule is a premium herbal formulation, sold as a Dietary Supplement for male sexual health enhancement. It was formulated and designed to enhance sexual performance without the unwanted side effects of prescrition drugs. Xtratm capsule is a proven male enhancement capsule proven to instantly improve libido, sexual energy and maximize  size. Xtratm capsule increases natural arousal, response to stimulation and give fantastic staying power and stamina for extended sexual performance & also increases ejaculation time.

Xtratm contains premium aphrodisiac herbs that has been selected from the finest global suppliers. Xtratm Capsule contains the extracts of rare and most potent herbs,  which has been extracted by modern herb extraction processes to pinpoint and further enhance and boost the efficacy and potency of male aphrodisiacs.



Xtratm Capsule works almost instantly – not next month, not next week and not even tomorrow. In about 30 minutes, you will experience exactly what Xtratm Capsule can do for you.

Naturally enhances your body’s levels of free testosterone, a male hormone that plays a significant role in libido , spurring desire and performance, helping you to get aroused more easily and for longer periods of time.

Promote a smoother and more efficient blood flow, helping to reduce blood stasis, throughout your body but especially in your genitals. Stronger blood flow to your penis means more expansion of the corpus cavernosa (the “spongy” tissue that absorbs blood to create an erection). This means longer, thicker and harder erections.

Strengthen seminal emissions. This means a larger volume of ejaculate when you experience orgasm. For many men, the volume of their ejaculations (amount of “cum” when they cum) relates directly to the satisfaction they experience in orgasm.

Improves oxygen flow to your brain and other organs. This can increase mental acuity, energy and stamina.


DAILY DOSE :- 1 capsule twice a day  or 1 hour before desired activity.

For Best Result  Use 1 Bottle 30 days Half Course Or 2 bottles 60 days full course.

1 review for XTRATM CAPSULE ((All in One Sexual Problems Solution)

  1. Michael

    Nice product

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